• A high-rated software that performs data recovery from HTC One smartphones
  • The tool deep scans the HTC One phone storage and retrieves files from it
  • Works with all other brands of smartphones and camera memory cards
  • Available to run on all versions of Windows and Mac

HTC One is an awesome product from the line of HTC Android Smartphone. It has many advanced features and provides a great user accessibility. But this doesn’t make the data saved on your HTC phone, safe. One or the other way, you might lose your important data from your HTC One Android Smartphone. In that case, you need a reliable tool to recover data from HTC One phone. But before going to the recovery process, let’s see some common reasons in which you might lose the data saved on it.

Deletion - Deletion is the most common reason for data loss. Users might accidentally or intentionally delete some important file from their phone. You might also lose some of the crucial data while the phone is connected to the computer system. This is mainly because most of the users are unaware of the fact that files deleted from an externally connected device are not saved in the Recycle Bin. They are directly removed from the device permanently. To undelete files from an Android SD card, you will need the SDXC Card Recovery software.

Formatting - Formatting is yet another common data loss scenario but it is far more destructive than the deletion. If the memory card on your Android phone is formatted, then you will lose all the files saved on it. Restoring to factory settings also perform the similar task. After performing any of these tasks, you will need a tool to recover data from HTC One Android Smartphone.

Malware Infection – As Android phones support the internet access, therefore there are chances of the malware entering your phone and corrupting it. This will also affect the files saved on your HTC One phone external memory. The best way is to take a backup of all the files or make use of a good quality anti-virus tool. Otherwise, the HTC One Data Recovery software will be the left only option.

Transferring Errors – Suppose you are moving some files from your HTC One Android phone to your system and suddenly system gets turned off or the phone gets accidentally disconnected. This leads to the loss of files that were being transferred.

Files lost or deleted under any of the above-mentioned scenarios are not permanently erases, as believed by many users. They are just made invisible by removing the pointers. Until and unless these get overwritten, you can easily restore data from HTC One phone. Therefore, it is highly recommended that as soon as you find that there are some files missing from your phone, you should stop using it and keep it idle until HTC One data recovery is performed.

SDXC card recovery is the best solution when it comes to restoring data from HTC One Android Smartphone. It has an easy to use User Interface that makes the recovery process very easy. The tool is capable of restoring over 300 types of files from various brands of the memory cards used in an Android Smartphone. Visit http://www.sdxccardrecovery.net/files-from-sdhc.html to know the recovery process from the SDHC memory cards.

Steps to recover data from HTC One Android phone –

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your PC. Select “Recover Photos” from the main screen.

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the option from the “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos”.

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Recover Deleted / Lost Photos

Step 3: To restore data from HTC One, connect it to the system on which the software is installed. Now select it and proceed

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Choose Physical Drive

Step 4: Save the recovered data to accessible drives on the computer.

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Save Recovered Data