• A marvelous application that instantly revives files a Sony SD card
  • Performs media recovery from Sony camera memory cards, USB drives and other external storage drives
  • All file type formats of pictures, videos, audio etc are supported
  • The program finely scan the card to extract files from it
  • A preview feature is availed for the users to view the recovered files

Are you looking for the best tool for data recovery from Sony SD card? The ultimate solution is here. The Sony SD Card Recovery is the best-suited software over the time to restore data from a Sony SD card without any damage. Before we go with retrieving files from the SD card, let's first look into some data loss instances from an SD card storage.

Scenarios for the loss/deletion of data in an SD card

Accidental deletion of data: Assume that you are using an SD card in phones and if you delete data unintentionally from the phone, then there is no such option to restore back the deleted data from the recycle bin. Even if you have connected the SD card to the system, the deleted data won’t be stored in the Recycle Bin but gets bypassed.

Accidental formatting of SD card: Suppose if you have connected the SD card to the system, and if you accidentally choose the format option on SD card, then it targets to a loss of file. There are also chances of formatting the SD card forcibly when it is infected with the virus.

Virus attack: If SD card contains a virus file, and if you scan SD card using antivirus software, then the file which is virus infected will be lost.

Still, there are various reasons for the deletion of the data from an SD card. Some of them are- usage of the device that is running on a low battery, abruptly pulling out the SD card, downloading the file containing the virus, interruptions during file transfer etc. leads to a loss of the file. Whatever the reasons be, the solution for data recovery from a Sony SD card is Sony SD card Recovery software. SDHC card is one of the types of memory card has a high storage capacity with 32GB compared to an SD card. If you are using SDHC card and if you want to recover deleted files from it, then check on this link www.sdxccardrecovery.net/files-from-sdhc.html

Features of the Sony SD Card Recovery tool

Sony SD Card Recovery tool is the excellent tool for data recovery from a Sony SD card. It does not matter how the data is lost or deleted, this software considers to recover it. It is also useful to recover photos from a Blackberry SD card in an effective and efficient way. This tool has inbuilt algorithms developed by professional developers, that helps to scan the entire drive within a few minutes and restore deleted files from SD card back easily and quickly. Data Recovery from Sony SD card tool has the ability to restore any type of data; may it be a document, media file or any other type of file. It can identify and restore up to 300 different types of file. It also helps to recover data from an Ultra Sandisk SDXC. It is not just SDXC, it also has the capability to support all types of the memory cards. You can easily install this software, as the user does not require any technical knowledge to use and retrieve data. Other than Sony memory card, it can also effectively recover data from a Centon SD card, Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung etc.

How to recover data from a Sony memory card?

Step 1 – First download and install the Sony SD Card Recovery software. Connect the SD card to the system.

Step 2 – Run the application. A window appears on the screen where you need to select “Recover Photos” option.

Data Recovery from Sony SD - Main Screen

Step 3 – Again another window appears on the screen with two options “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Select any one option based on the data loss scenario

Data Recovery from Sony SD - Recover Deleted / Lost Photos

Step 4 – Select the SD memory card drive to recover data from a Sony memory card.

Data Recovery from Sony SD - Choose Drive

Step 5 – After selection, the scanning process starts. Then it displays the entire recovered file from an SD card. Preview the recovered data and if you are satisfied with the result obtained then you can buy the original product key of the software.

Data Recovery from Sony SD - Save Recovered Data

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