• A highly reliable software that securely unformats data on SDHC cards
  • Gets back pictures, video, audio etc. with a greater ease
  • Helps in retrieving files from the card that shows format errors, corruptions and inaccessibility
  • Various brands of SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD and other card storage media
  • Offers instant recovery in a simple set of steps

SDHC is of the model among the memory cards. They contain non-volatile memory, which helps it to store data, even when the power is not supplied. SDHC cards are available in different data range capacities.  It generally stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. The name indicates that this memory card supports a large data capacity range, compared to other memory cards.

SDHC flash memory cards can hold data like videos, images, animations and other media files. Now, these cards are popularly used on devices like the digital cameras, mobile, portable music players and so on. When these memory cards are used constantly, one can find a large amount of saved data. The files saved on SDHC flash memory cards can account to file loss, due to different scenarios. Such valuable files can be easily retrieved now by the use of the Formatted SDHC Card Recovery software. Read on, to learn about how to recover formatted SDHC card.

Scenarios that account for data loss from an SDHC card:

Accidental formatting: Formatting is one of the most useful features concerning with the storage device. It helps to erase the files at one shot and assign a new file system to SDHC memory card. Sometimes these options are used accidentally by the computer users, which result in the loss of important files from the card

Improper device ejection: All the computers constitute a “Safely Remove Hardware” option that has to be utilized when you are done with the usage of the SDHC flash memory cards. At certain times users forget to utilize this option while removing the memory card. This can cause a memory card corruption and thus lead to SDHC card formatting. In such cases take the aid of the Formatted SDHC Card Recovery software in order to restore the formatted SDHC card

Malware Attack:   Users connect their SDHC card to the computer, whenever they intend to carry out a data transfer. During these times, there are chances of a virus infection that cause data loss on the connected SDHC flash memory cards. In other cases, the virus can enter a card when you accidentally download and save harmful attachments

Guidelines that avoids the use of Formatted SDHC Card Recovery software:

  • Use an updated antivirus software to scan the SDHC card regularly
  • You should make use of the UPS system, to prevent data loss due to a power failure
  • Eject the SDHC memory card using the “Safely Remove Hardware” option

Well, there exist an aid to restore formatted SDHC card. It is a productive tool that is designed with efficient algorithms to identify and scan your device and recover formatted SDHC card, with no much effort. Formatted SDHC Memory Card Recovery software has the ability to recover files from the formatted SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Transcend SDHC cards and so on.

It also supports to retrieve files from an SDHC card support file systems like FAT16 and FAT32. Apart from all these, one can use this tool on all latest Windows and Mac versions. You can also restore files from a Micro SD cards along with all other types of SD cards. Get the demo version of this amazing recovery software and check the recovery results.

How to Recover Formatted SDHC Card?

Step 1 – Install the tool in order to restore Formatted SDHC Card data

Step 2 – Next select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen

Recover Formatted SDHC Card - Main Screen

Step 3 – Now select either of "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos"

Recover Formatted SDHC Card- Recover Deleted / Lost Photos

Step 4 – Choose the SDHC card and tap the "Next" option

Recover Formatted SDHC Card- Choose Physical Drive

Step 5 – Finally, after the scan preview the file and save it back to the system

Recover Formatted SDHC Card - Save Recovered Data