• A highly robust utility that restores lost and deleted photos on Samsung Galaxy smartphones
  • All file type formats of images, videos, audio etc. are flexibly supported
  • Formatted, deleted, lost or corrupt data from Samsung storage can be extracted
  • Supports all range of memory card storage interfaces
  • Securely scans the card and extracts media from it
  • Involves simple file recovery steps
  • Works with all range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Samsung phones are very popular in the marketplace. There are different types of phone available like Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 etc. Most of the times these are used to capture photos. Captured photos are stored in the internal i.e. phone memory or external memory i.e., in the memory card. The memory card holds media such as photographs, videos and files. There are different types of memory cards available in the market based on types and storage capacity. SD card, MiniSD card, Multimedia Card, Reduced Size Multimedia Card, MMC micro Card, P2 card, etc. are popularly used types of the memory card.

What if the photos are deleted from the memory card of your Samsung Galaxy S4? Is it possible to retrieve photos from Samsung Galaxy – S4?

The answer to the above question is yes, photos are absolutely recoverable. There are many photo recovery software available in the market. Therefore, you can purchase the product and restore data by yourself. However, one of the best is SDXC Card Recovery tool which is capable to recover photos from a Samsung Galaxy S4. You can also restore data from the CF cards, for more info visit http://www.sdxccardrecovery.net/photos-from-cf.html.

General Photo Loss Scenarios:

Following are some cases where the photos may be deleted or lost from the memory card with Samsung Galaxy S4:

  • If you want to free some memory of your phone, you are going to delete unwanted photos. While this deleting process you mistakenly delete important photos instead of unwanted photos.
  • Unknowingly pressed a format button on the memory card of your Samsung Galaxy-S4.
  • While transferring photo from the computer to phone, if the virus affects your photos then anti-virus in your Samsung Galaxy S4 may kill the virus by deleting the photo. During this process, you may lose your photos.
  • When an external device is connected to the computer, suddenly there is a power cutoff during data transfer. This may also cause loss of photos
  • Photos are lost due to an improper handling of the memory card, which means while transferring photos the memory card was removed abruptly from the phone.
  • If you are using one memory card in many devices then this can also cause data loss.
  • Before saving, any photos to your system first check the memory of the phone. If there were not enough space on your phone to store, then transferred photos would be lost.
  • During a low battery indication, you clicked photos using the Samsung Galaxy S4 then you might be losing your photos.

SDXC Card Recovery tool to restore Samsung Galaxy S4 data

This tool scans the entire drive in a few minutes and recovers pictures from the Samsung Galaxy S4. It supports to recover data from a Sony SD card and other brands. Not only SD cards, it also supports all types of memory card like MiniSD card, Multimedia Card, Reduced Size Multimedia Card, MMC micro Card and P2 card.  It scans the entire drive for photos which are lost and deleted then it recover images from Samsung Galaxy S4. It is very user-friendly, so that anyone can operate the tool. If there are bad sectors, it creates disk image by using disk image option and subsequently you can retrieve the photos from these images. Retrieve images from Samsung Galaxy S4 has “Save Recovery Session” option by using which you can restart the recovery and save process any time on the next scan.

It provides a Preview option after you retrieve photos from a Samsung Galaxy S4. Recovered photos can be saved to a CD/DVD or any accessible drive on Windows other than Samsung Galaxy S4. If you own an HTC One Android Smartphone, then visit www.sdxccardrecovery.net/data-from-htc-one.html for recovery procedure.

Steps to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4:

Step 1: Download and install the recovery tool on your computer. Select “Recover Photos” from the main screen.

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the option from “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos”.

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Recover Deleted / Lost Photos

Step 3: Now it shows all drives connected to the computer. Select the phone memory card from which you want to retrieve photos from Samsung Galaxy S4.

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Choose Physical Drive

Step 4: After scanning it shows the preview of the deleted or lost photos from Samsung Galaxy S4. Save option will appear only for Purchased software. For saving it gives you two options “Save to Drive/Save to CD/DVD”. Select one option which is suitable for you to perform save after you retrieve photos from Samsung Galaxy S4.

Recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 - Save Recovered Data