With the operations such as synchronizing or saving / deleting files, performed on your SD card, you might end up having multiple copies of the same file. That file can be audio, pictures, videos or any other document. As the SD card has a limited storage capacity, this kind of duplicacy is not accepted by any user. If the duplicate files are less in number, say 5 or 10, they can be removed manually but what will happen if you have hundreds of duplicate files? In such a case, manually finding duplicate files and deleting them is almost impossible. If it is possible also, even then users do not want to waste their time in such a task. So, what is the solution?

The answer is Remo MORE application. This tool has been developed by some of the industry experts and has the capability of finding all duplicate files from your SD card.

Nowadays, storage is not a problem with any kind of device. Android phones and digital camera today come with a minimum storage capacity, which easily serves the users’ needs. But some users want more space to save more files. This facility is provided by SD memory cards. These cards can be attached to these devices and extend the memory storage. With more space in hand, users tend to save all kind of dump files in the SD card which results in useless and duplicate files stored on their device.

When a users runs out of space, he / she tries to free up the SD card storage by removing unwanted files. Deleting unwanted files is a good idea but most of the users give a blind eye to duplicate files. Duplicate files contribute almost 10% of the storage space of a device. By deleting these files, the user can add additional space in their SD card.

When the SD card gets flooded with duplicate files, it might also result in performance degradation. So, in order to make your camera or Android phone to work faster, delete duplicate files on SD card.

Why is it difficult to clear duplicate files on SD card manually?

Apart from the time taken, there is one more difficulty that user has to face when he / she want to delete duplicate files on SD card manually. Generally, duplicate files will not be having same name, but the size. While performing the task to remove duplicate files on SD card, user has to open all the files one by one and check whether it is a duplicate or not. This is almost impossible, theoretically as well as practically.

Why Remo MORE?

Remo MORE has advanced algorithms that perform the comparison of all the saved files to find and delete duplicate files on SD card. It takes into consideration attributes like file size, creation date, file type, etc. while searching for duplicate files. Once all the duplicate files are found, they are displayed in front of user. All the duplicates with their original files are displayed in groups to enable user to select and remove duplicate files on SD card. The tool is available absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded from the links provided on this page. It can be installed on any Windows OS version to clear duplicate files on SD card. The SD card has to be connected as external device to the Windows computer before starting the process.

How to clear duplicate files on SD card?

Step 1: Select “Optimize” from the main screen. Then choose “Remove Duplicates” option next

Delete Duplicate Files on SD Card - Main Screen

Step 2: Now click on “Drive

Delete Duplicate Files on SD Card - Click on Drive

Step 3: Select the connected SD card and proceed

Delete Duplicate Files on SD Card - Select connected SD card

Step 4: Opt for “Look for all file types” radio option and click “Scan”. Wait until all the duplicates are found

Delete Duplicate Files on SD Card - Select an option

Step 5: Once the duplicate files are displayed, select the unneeded ones and click either on “Delete Permanently” or “Send to Recycle Bin” option

Delete Duplicate Files on SD Card - Select option