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SDHC card is a widely preferred memory card over other SD cards because of its high storage capacity with 32 GB. They are mostly used in digital cameras and camcorders. However, due to its portability and compatibility with many different devices, the possibility of a corruption increases and data loss happens. Sometimes you are not able to access the files stored on your SDHC card or some of your important pictures are not visible, no matter what you try. That data is said to be missing from the card and you cannot retrieve them back. You might have also faced this kind of situation, one day or the other.  But don’t panic, as long as you don’t save any new data, the file recovery from the SDHC card is possible. Using an efficient SDXC card recovery software, you can bring back deleted or lost files from SDXC, SDHC, SD card and CF cards. To get back deleted or lost photos from the memory card on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone, visit sdxccardrecovery.net/photos-from-samsung-galaxy-s4.html.

Scenarios leading to loss of files from the SDHC card –

  • When the SDHC card is connected to a virus infected system or an infected file is saved on it, virus intrudes in the card and makes all other files inaccessible by corrupting the file system. It may sometimes delete some important files without your knowledge. The virus enters the system through unsecured sites or by downloading infected software or documents.
  • You might also damage your SDHC card by improperly removing it from the camera or from the system while some data is being transferred between them or some files are getting accessed.
  • Accidentally deleting files from the SDHC card while removing some unwanted ones, also a very common data loss scenario.
  • Unintentionally formatting the card while ejecting it or renaming it, might leave you in a state of a complete data loss. As formatting removes all the files and folders permanently. Don't worry, it's very simple to restore files from SDHC card after format using a recovery software.
  • Sometimes to get rid of a virus infection or corruption or to increase the card’s performance, you might intentionally delete some files or format the card. But later you realize your mistake, as some of those files were very important.
  • Sudden system shutdown while accessing the card’s data may also lead to a corruption of data of your SDHC card, which leads to a deletion of files. However, it is not a big issue as you can recover files from SDHC card using third-party software.
  • While performing anti-virus scanning, there are times when the anti-virus removes some files that are infected instead of healing them. These files are permanently removed from the card.

The files lost or deleted in any of these situations are said to be permanently removed as you cannot see their entry in the operating system directory. But these files are still out there in the memory card and you can restore files from SDHC card using a recovery tool. SDXC card recovery software helps to restore data from a RAW SD card too. Its powerful scanning algorithms help to recover files from SDHC Card with just a few mouse clicks. The tool can accomplish retrieval of over 300 types of files on both Windows and Mac operating systems. All the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS are supports to restore files from SDHC card by using this tool. You can perform CF card photo recovery by customizing the tool’s search process by selecting only the pictures instead of scanning all the file types from the memory card. It also supports SD card data recovery on an Android phone of all the latest available brands. You can also evaluate the file recovery from SDHC card using the demo version of this software.

If you have accidentally formatted your SDHC or SD memory card or if you have come across a situation where you need to format your memory card as there is no option i.e., in case of the virus infection then don't worry!!! Go ahead and use this proficient software to recover data from the formatted SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. This software supports all different brands i.e., it can recover the formatted SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar memory cards etc.

Note: This software is not only used for file recovery from SDHC card but it can also recover files from other storage devices like SDXC card, SD card, memory card and many more. To know more in detail about recovery from Ultra SanDisk SDXC card, click on this link sdxccardrecovery.net/from-ultra-sandisk.html.

Recover Files from SDHC card in 5 simple steps -

Step 1 – Download and install the software on your system.

Step 2 – On the main screen, select “Recover Files” option.

Recover Files from SDHC Card  - Main Screen

Step 3 – Select either of “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option from the next screen.

Recover Files from SDHC Card  - Recover Deleted / Lost Files

Step 4 – Choose the connected SDHC card & click “Next” button.

Recover Files from SDHC Card  - Choose Physical Drive

Step 5 – Preview and save the recovered files to the destination other than the SDHC card from which you are performing the recovery process.

Recover Files from SDHC Card  - Save Recovered Data

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