“I recently added a folder to my SD card, to which I store family pictures and videos. I noticed that this folder immediately showed up when the ‘Gallery’ is selected. I would like to give this folder some type of better security setting, as I pass my phone around a lot of friends and clients to view pictures, and do not wish for them to view personal family pictures. Can anyone help me regarding how to lock SD card folder?”

You can lock SD card folder easily using effective Remo MORE software.

Secure Digital (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format used in portable devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS navigation, and tablet computers. SD card is capable of storing different types of files such as, audio, video and text documents. If you have kept some important folders on your SD card then it is better to lock it, so that no one can access your important data or any other document stored on it. Once you lock your folder on SD card, nobody can access it without password.

There could be many possible reasons why you need to password protect folder SD card. One of those is security point of view. Suppose if there is an important folder on your SD card which you don’t want to disclose at any cost then locking folder on SD card is the best way to achieve the security of folders. If you usually share your SD card with others then chances are quite high that your private data might be exposed. Suppose a situation where you lend your SD card to your friend and there is an important data on your SD card, then chances are quite high that your data might be misused. If any of your data is exposed in this incident then you have to face serious problem. In addition to this your business can also be threaten if any business related data is disclosed. Password protect folder SD card can also be beneficial in case it is lost and goes in bad hands as they will not be able to misuse it. Thus it is always good practice to lock SD Card folder so that unauthorized person can’t have any access to it.

When it comes to lock folders on SD card, you can do so by using the inbuilt feature of Windows and set permission to your folders on SD card. However this is not a reliable way of locking your folders on SD card. Thus, you should opt for the best known Remo MORE Software which provides you an authentic security of you SD card folders. This software is efficient at locking folders on SD card with ease. This tool is result of hard work of software professional. With the help of this software you can even lock important files stored on SD card. You can also lock folders on your hard disk as well as other storage devices including SD card within a fraction of second with the help of this software. It is developed with a very strong and authentic algorithm which will never allow to access files or folders without a right password. The best thing about the software is that it is completely free of cost.

Steps to Password Protect Folder SD Card using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the main screen select “Manage” option. In order to proceed you have to select “File Manager” from the given lists of options from the next screen shot.

Password Protect Folder SD Card - Main Screen

Figure 1: Select File Manager Option

Step 2: Once you choose file manager option, the next screen appears from this select “File protector” option. Then next Window will ask for a master password set a master password here and click on OK.

Password Protect Folder SD Card- Select File Protector Option

Figure 2: File Protector Option

Step 3: From this screen select”File/Folder Locker” to lock your folders with a password.

Password Protect Folder SD Card - Select File/Folder Locker

Figure 3: Select File/Folder Locker option

Step 4: Next select the location of the folder which you want to protect with password by using the “Add Folders” option and click on “Lock” option.

Password Protect Folder SD Card - Add Folders

Figure 4: Add Folders