Internet speed matters a lot especially when you are a busy person and do not want to waste time unnecessarily. You can optimize your internet connection on Windows Vista and Windows 7 somehow to save your time. But if you are using Windows XP then there are very less options for the users for optimizing their internet speed as this is the predecessor and is not so user friendly. In such situations you need third party software to optimize Windows XP internet connection.

Slow internet results in various problems like

  • Slow downloads and sometimes you may not be able to download complete file. This results in loss of your data and you may also end up with corruption of files that are in attachments of your emails
  • You will be unable to play games faster and lose the enjoyment for which you play. This may affect your mood and work
  • You need accountable speed of internet for uploading any file on your website and you may fail to do so because of slow internet
  • Speedy internet is needed to perform any online transactions and you may encounter any loss due to this

There are more consequences that you cannot even predict sometimes and need to bear if you continue to use un-optimized internet connection.

Let us know various factors that affect your internet speed as many of you may not be knowing and facing slow internet problem on your Windows XP. Some are as follows,

  • If you are using phone lines for internet data transfer then poor phone lines may contribute to slow internet speed. There may be interference of any conversations with your data usage
  • Using unreliable Internet Service Provider having network issues. It also happens at times that internet becomes slow at peak hours
  • Having number of Analog to Digital converters between ISP and computer or using multiple modem drives
  • Programs running in background on your Windows XP computer also adds to slow speed of internet

Various other factors affect your internet connection speed. However, you can resolve it and speed up the connection if you know the root cause. But sometimes everything seems normal for you but there will be some internal issues which are out of your reach. In that case you can enhance internet speed on Windows XP using Remo MORE software.

Remo MORE for enhancing Windows XP internet speed:

Remo MORE is a freeware for optimizing internet speed on Windows XP. This tool comes with an option for enhancing internet speed based on the type of internet connection being used on the system. This software enables you to optimize internet connection as well as set advanced internet settings on the computer. You have the option for optimizing internet connection, whether you have to optimize it for a LAN of small nets or for large corporative nets providing connection for up to 2000 devices, conventional modem or cable modem. You can set advanced settings such that it automatically detects necessity of decreasing data packages and increase internet speed whenever required. There are many more things that this program does for optimizing internet connection and enhancing its speed.

Procedure to enhance internet speed on Windows XP:

Step 1: Download Remo MORE and install it on Windows XP computer. Launch the software and select “Enhance” option to get screen as shown in Figure 1. Then click on “Internet Speed Enhancer” option.

Optimize Windows XP Internet Connection - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: The next screen appears as shown in Figure 2. Select “Optimize Speed” option from the screen.

Optimize Windows XP Internet Connection - Select Option

Figure 2: Select Option

Step 3: Select the type of internet connection on your Windows XP computer from the options provided as shown in Figure 3. and click on “Optimize” option to optimize internet settings.

Optimize Windows XP Internet Connection - Select Type of Connection

Figure 3: Select Type of Connection

Step 4: Then go back to the screen shown in second step and click on “Advanced Settings” option to Apply advanced settings as shown in Figure 4.

Optimize Windows XP Internet Connection - Advanced Settings

Figure 4: Advanced Settings