• The software built with the finest algorithm to extract data from RAW SD cards
  • Helps in restoring pictures, audio, video and other media files in simple clicks
  • All brands of SD memory cards are supported
  • Works by scanning the storage card and fetching files from it
  • Recovers data in their original format
  • Also avails an option to preview recovered media files

“I'm unable to see any of the photos that I captured just yesterday on my digital camera. As I plug it to my PC, the Windows shows: “This memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” The memory card also shows as “RAW”. Even after cleaning the virus, it shows the same error. What’s wrong with it? Can I get back my data?”

Have you also encountered the same problem? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Computers and other digital devices often fail to recognize the RAW SD cards which are inaccessible. A RAW SD card is an inaccessible device with no file system on it. This kind of card does not allow you to read, copy or delete files from them. If your SD card turns RAW, then there are high chances of your data getting lost. In such situations, you should immediately stop using the card and try to recover the files inside it using an SDXC Card Recovery Tool.

When the SD card turns RAW, you might encounter following situations –

The card shows 0 bytes free – Sometimes you might have seen that the card displays 0 bytes of free memory space but it does not contain any files in it. This occurs due to the corrupted file system that makes the SD card as RAW.

Not formatted error – There are times when you get a memory card not formatted error when you try to access an SD card. Users unknowingly follow the message and end up losing all the contents of the memory card. This error also occurs due to the conversion of the SD card to a RAW type.

Some other possible errors that you might encounter are - “Memory card error”, “Read/Write error.”, “Card cannot be initialized.”, “Memory card cannot be detected.” & “' Sector not found " error message while accessing any file.

The reasons for the SD card becoming RAW can be a serious virus infection that affects the card file system, frequent use in different type of devices, improper handling of SD card like abrupt removal from the camera, phone or a system while transferring files, improper system shutdown while accessing SD card data and trying to access a memory card in a device that is not compatible with it.

Before you give up hope and plans to buy a new SD card, try to format it then change its file system to FAT format. This will remove the corruption and make your SD card work again, but you will lose all the data from it. The best option to recover RAW SD card data is to use an efficient data recovery tool like SD Card Recovery Software. It can restore files from a RAW SD card with utmost ease and within just few mouse clicks. This is made possible due to its advanced built-in scanning algorithms that locate the data from the inaccessible card. This tool is capable to restore data from SDHC card too. You can also retrieve pictures from a Compact Flash card, SDXC cards and USB drives also. Along with pictures, you can easily restore music files, videos, documents, games, application files that are stored on the SD card. The tool supports you to recover RAW SD card files on both Windows & Mac operating systems. You just have to connect the memory card to your system and perform the recovery process. You can also recover SD card data on the Android phones by connecting them to your Windows or Mac machine.

Sometimes an SD card cannot get recognized while using those card across multiple operating systems simultaneously. In most cases, SDXC cards can also encounter this error. Various other reasons such as a virus infection, a sudden power surge, etc. are also capable of contributing a good extent towards this error condition. However, you can restore an unrecognized SDXC memory card without causing any delay.

Steps to recover RAW SD card data:

Step 1 – Download and run the recovery program on your computer.

Step 2 – Now on the main screen, select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover RAW SD Card - Main Screen

Step 3 – Select the “Recover Lost Photos” option from the next screen.

Recover RAW SD Card - Recover Deleted / Lost Photos

Step 4 – Choose the connected RAW SD card & hit the “Next” button. The tool will start scanning for lost data from the SD card.

Recover RAW SD Card - Choose Physical Drive

Step 5 – After scanning is completed, preview the files from the recovered data list and save them by purchasing the full version of the tool.

Recover RAW SD Card - Save Recovered Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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