“Hi, I have an SDXC memory card on my Canon digital camera. Last day, I connected this card to my friend’s computer having Mac operating system to move some photos out of the card. But I couldn’t able to open the files on that card as it says SDXC card is unrecognized or something similar to that. I just wanted to ensure that the photos on my SDXC are safe. So I connected that card into my own personal Windows computer which worked fine previously with that card. But surprisingly, it produced the same unrecognized error like Mac system. I don’t know what to do now. However I have to recover unrecognized SDXC memory card files by any means. Anyone knows how to restore unrecognized SDXC memory card data without causing any errors to those data? ”

Yes, you can retrieve unrecognized SDXC memory card files within a few steps if you make use of SDXC Card Recovery tool in an efficient way. This tool is capable of conducting a rigorous scanning on unrecognized SDXC memory card to get back different types of media formats including videos, audios, images, etc. You can apply this software on different file systems used by an SDXC card such as FAT32, NTFS or ExFAT.

Various Reasons behind Unrecognized SDXC Memory Card Error

  • Virus Attack: This is one of the most common reasons behind an unrecognized error which happens to an SDXC card. Malicious programs such as viruses, worms, etc. are capable of corrupting entire file system of an SDXC card and it can prevent the access of files stored in that SDXC by any kind of users. Unrecognized SDXC memory card is one of the after effects of this corruption.
  • Improper Removal of SDXC: If you remove your SDXC card from your computer abruptly while transferring data between SDXC and computer, it can corrupt SDXC card and this corruption may produce unrecognized SDXC card error.
  • Power Surge: Suppose a sudden power surge occurs while transferring data between a computer and an SDXC card. File system of SDXC card can get damaged because of this and it may eventually result in unrecognized SDXC memory card error.
  • Use of SDXC Card on Multiple OS Platforms: An SDXC card is possible to get corrupted if it is used on different types of operating systems simultaneously. Unrecognized SD card error is one of the main outcomes of this corruption.

All these types of SDXC corruption conditions can be effortlessly handled with the help of SDXC Card Recovery software. By the help of a sophisticated scanning engine, this tool can recover unrecognized SDXC memory card files without any complex procedures. What you have to make sure before using this software is that don’t try to take any more photos by using that SDXC card on your camera. If you do so, the recovery of files will be difficult.

Features of SDXC Card Recovery Tool

  • You can make use of this powerful software to recover unrecognized SDXC memory card files from different SDXC cards of various brands such as SanDisk, Strontium, Sony, Transcend, Kingston and so on.
  • In addition to the SDXC recovery, you can make use of this tool to retrieve data from SDHC cards used in a number of electronic gadgets like digital cameras, Smartphones, etc.
  • Unrecognized SDXC memory card data recovery can be performed using SDXC Card Recovery tool in a simple way by the proper use of its GUI (Graphical User Interface). This tool can be used to recover data from SDXC card without formatting, which are not recognized by the system.
  • You don’t require any help from technical personnel to perform recovery of data from unrecognized SDXC cards.
  • This tool can be installed on various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. A nominal disk space of 50 MB is required for the installation of this tool and the minimum RAM required is 1 GB.
  • Recovered data from unrecognized SDXC card can be previewed before saving them.
  • Additionally, you can optimize this tool to restore formatted SDHC card files without missing a single one.

Steps to Recover Unrecognized SDXC Memory Card

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer and launch the software. Select “Recover Photos” option from the main window as shown in Fig 1.

Recover Unrecognized SDXC Memory Card - Main Window

Fig 1. Main Window

Step 2: From the second screen, select "Recover Lost Photos" option. Then, select the SDXC memory card from where you want to recover files as shown in Fig 2. Once you selected the drive, click on the forward arrow

Restore Unrecognized SDXC Memory Card - Select the Memory Card

Fig 2. Select the Memory Card

Step 3: After the completion of SDXC scanning, you can preview the recovered files. You can now save those files into any place accessible to your host computer as shown in Fig 3.

Retrieve Unrecognized SDXC Memory Card - Save Files

Fig 3. Save Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users