• An extraordinary utility that gets back data on SDXC card without formatting
  • Data can be securely extracted from the card that shows format error
  • The strong set of algorithms deep scans the memory card and traces all files from it
  • Recovered media is also presented as a preview
  • All other brands of SDXC, SDHC, miniSD, microSD etc are flexibly supported

SDXC stands for Secure Digital Extended Capacity, which is the same in dimensions of SD and SDHC card but it is advanced in terms of capacity, speed, and compatible only with SDXC devices. Generally, SDXC card uses the exFAT file system and thus can be accessed on Windows and Mac without any hassle. It is an expandable storage device which is used to extend the storage capacity of electronic gadgets and enables them to store more data.

But SDXC card is very fragile and lead to data loss if they mistreated due to system error or human error, which may create a disastrous situation for you. Thus if you are using SDXC card on your mobile or camera then it becomes necessary to perform SDXC card recovery to recover files including audio, video, photos, document, etc. Sometimes, you may get an error message which does not let you access the stored file inside SDXC card in such cases don’t format your SDXC card if you want to retain any media files stored on it. To get rid of such an unexpected occurrence you should be aware of how to recover SDXC card without formatting, for which you need to take help of the third-party recovery tools.

There are many third-party recovery tools which claim to recover SDXC card without formatting but you should use the trusted SDXC recovery tool like SDXC Card Recovery which is a highly used and recommended tool to restore SDXC card data without formatting. This software is integrated with an interactive GUI which does not let you worry about how to recover SDXC card without formatting. It does not modify original data while recovering SDXC card. Besides, recovering data from the SDXC card, this predominant tool can be used to recover data from damaged SD card including SDXC and SDHC cards.

Causes due to which data can be lost from the SDXC card

  • Format Error Message: This is a common issue which may occur while interfacing the external storage devices such as SDXC card. You may see a message indicating that SDXC card is not accessible and need to format to make them accessible.
  • Human Error: There are chances of being data loss from SDXC card due to human error such as accidental deletion, formatting wrong partition, etc. which ends up with data loss from SDXC card.
  • File system Corruption: File system stores the metadata about files and folders stored in SDXC card or any other partition. These file system may get corrupted by the virus which may lead to a complete data loss from SDXC card.
  • Improper Handling SDXC card: SDXC card is a fragile storage device which may lead to data loss due to an improper handling such as using a single SDXC card into multiple devices simultaneously, an abrupt ejection while transferring data, etc.

Basic features of the SDXC Card Recovery software

SDXC card recovery software is one of the most used and recommended recovery tools, having powerful advanced powerful algorithms. It can easily recover accidentally deleted photos, videos, audios and other documents. It is smart enough to identify and recover more than 300 types of file format without any hassle. This software is capable enough to restore data from SDXC, SDHC and SD card independent of brands, thus this predominant tool can be used to perform Lexar SD card recovery for quick retrieval of files from the SDXC card without formatting. After recovering data from SDXC card, it provides you a list of recovered data from which you can choose files to review and check the quality of recovered files. It does not bind you to store recovered files thus you are free to save recovered files from the SDXC card.

Steps to recover SDXC card data without Formatting

Step 1: Download and install the recovery application on your computer. Continue to select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen in order to perform an SDXC card recovery without formatting

How to Recover SDXC Card without Formatting? - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” as per the requirement to restore SDXC card data.

Recover SDXC Card Data without Formatting - Recovery Option

Step 3: Now select the SDXC card from the displayed volume and proceed.

Recover SDXC Card without Formatting- Select Drive

Step 4: Save the recovered data to a secure location.

How to Recover SDXC Card without Formatting - Save Recovered Data

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